Be Young,?Enjoy Young!!—Movie Power join hands with CCTV to sponsor China Youth Model and Vocal Competition

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Be Young, Enjoy Young!!—Movie Power join hands with CCTV to sponsor China Youth Model and Vocal Competitio

    The CCTV China Youth Talent competition was held in Guangzhou Wanda Plaza, on June 10th, which was sponsor by Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co, Ltd.


    Guangzhou secretary-general Mr Yigeng, Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co., Ltd Mr.Zhu, Thefamous model tutor Mrs Lee, Music creation association representative Mr.Lin, Xinghai Music Conservatory Lecturer Mr. Wu are attended to the Launch. This competition is greatly supported by the competitors’ family. All the family is cheer up for their children, which attracts lots of tourists who come into the plaza.


    Speeches of Guangzhou competition secretary-general, Mr Yigeng Speeches of general manager of Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co.,Ltd, Mr Zhu

    Mr Zhu is on behalf of Movie Power, delivers warm congratulations to all the competitors on site, and wish them a complete success. Whereafter, Mr Zhu make a brief introduction of Movie Power’ company corporate philosophy, products, successful customers. He express the youth’s talent is getting more and more attention to all families. VR is the spiritual needs of the society, it’s sure to be the outcome of the times and the NGI centre. 


The Movie Power VR is placed at the show, which attract many visitors to play.

    Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional for research, development, production and sales of 4D/5D/7D/9D dynamic cinema equipment of innovative high-tech enterprises. We insist on "Inject New Power to Cinema” as our company philosophy. Aim to provide the most professional product and service to our customers.

Why Choose Movie Power?

1.The pioneer of 4D 5D Dynamic Cinema

Movie Power adopt the human-computer interface system to edit movement and special effect, which can reach over 99% accuracy. It improve the experience effect, this system differ from the electronic ruler of current industry which is only 70% accuracy.

2.The pacemaker of 4D 5D dynamic cinema servo

Movie Power major in dynamic control system develop for 6 years, it adopts the 3DOF and 6DOF platform which is controlled by servo motor. Its movement is more smooth, which totally differ from current pneumatic and hydraulic platform in the market. Players can feel no matter from 3D visual, 4D effect to 5D dynamic immersive experience.

3.The highest compatibility XD Player System


    Movie Power self-develop the XD movie play system, can play all 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D movies and games. It’s the highest compatibility system of dynamic and effect. The operation of this system is very easy and convenient.

Movie Power’s 7D

    7D Cinema combine dynamic chair and special effects, it’s surreal visual and effects give us exciting experience. 7D interactive cinema adopt with 5D dynamic and 7D interactive gunshot game. Players can enjoy not only 5D motion but also 7D game.





    9D VR means "visual reality", it uses the VR glasses to show the 360º view of movies. It combine with the 3D Stereo video, dynamic cinema, multi-interaction, CNC, stereo imaging, animation production, network cloud to be the innovation–type item. Players immerse into the scene, cross in the time tunnel, and enter into a new world which never been to.


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