Movie Power T-Max Show Extraordinary Talents In Shanghai IAAPA Exhibition

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Movie Power T-Max Show Extraordinary Talents In Shanghai IAAPA Exhibition


 Movie power T-max Shanghai exhibition show up prominently,attracted much attention

        On June 14, 2016, Movie power was invited to participate in the 2016 Asian (International) attractions amusement facilities and Equipment Expo, Although just four days , in the exhibition, Movie Power T-max series products have attracted all kind buyers and they are very favorite this product , In fair,many people form a line to try our product and after experience person are full of praise.




Many peopel form a line to try the product,what is the mystery?

        What kind of products ?why people are willing to wait for a few hours to experience products by self?Now let me for you to uncover the mystery of the T-max series products.T-max series of products are divided into three parts.《Titan storm》,《Battle of mystery island》,The third will be release in July this year.T-max’s whole appearance is mysterious , full sense of science and technology, with 360inch wide three screen obtuse angle 3D fusion technology,bring customers more impact and visual sense, Movie Power independent develop 6 DOF servo full time dynamic platform,the motion real-time synchronization, to give people an extraordinary interactive experience. This is a interactive game,which real belong to customers. because in this, you are the role.



Market  is decided by demand, purchaser rush to buy

        Many buyers after experience will paid a deposit in time, they think now traditional games gradually fade out the stage of history because they can not bring high profit, a good experience project is the key of gather popularity, and T-max just to make up the insufficient of Poor interaction for traditional recreation project.They believe that T-max will break bottleneck of difficult to persistent gain profit of the common experience entertainment projects , becoming the theme park, science and technology venues and Benchmarking type experience item of large chain game.



 Except order, gain more opinions

        Movie power specializing in the development, production and operation of XD dynamic theater series products for eight years. Over the years, we continue to learn from the suggest of customers, to make our products continuously improve. The exhibition, in addition to the orders, Movie power made a lot of friends at home and abroad, gained a lot of valuable advice, after the show we have the deeper understanding for the product structure and market positioning of T-max series products .Look forward to the next exhibition, can continue to add new power for the film industry, to create a surprise for everyone!

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