Movie Power will participate in EAS Euro Attractions Show 2017

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AAPA proudly welcomes the world's leaders in amusement and entertainment to attend Euro Attractions Show (EAS),

Host country: Germany
Host city: Berlin
Name: Berlin international convention and exhibition center
Time: 2017/09/26-2017/09/28
Exhibition name: 2017 IAAPA European theme park and amusement equipment exhibition EAS
Exhibition time: September 26-28, 2017
Venue: Berlin, Germany
Host: IAAPA (American travel association)

The exhibition is held in the European area of professional recreation is dominated by the American IAAPA Association (Art) exhibition industry, 07 years in Seville, Germany 08 years ended in Munich for 09 years, moved to Holland held in Amsterdam, 2010 in Italy Rome, 2011 in london. Last year's show attracted professional sellers from around 100 different countries and regions, as well as related industry participants. 2012, held in Berlin, Germany, 2013 came to the romantic capital, France, Paris, 2014, returned to Holland, Amsterdam, 2015 in Goteborg, Sweden, 2016 will be held in Barcelona, spain.
EAS as the continent's leading entertainment equipment exhibition, all kinds of large-scale machinery, recreational facilities, large water theme parks and carnival entertainment equipment manufacturers active exhibitors.
London is the ideal resort for tourists all over the world, is also one of the most active in the world of entertainment market, will provide the amusement park, theme park owners and operators are huge procurement opportunities, buyers meet the strong demand for new, exciting and themed entertainment facilities innovation and related products, to meet the future development trend of the entertainment industry the.

One of the main topics of the show is the amusement park and attractions. Can you give us a brief view of the coming trends in the industry?

Taking a look at the EAS 2017 conference program enables you to discover major trends in the industry. Here are some key trends:

  • Destination development: Amusement parks continue to grow into destinations with hotels, second gates, water parks,…
  • Digital implementation: The need to invest in the application of digital to find opportunities in data, to create a digital guest experience as guests expect
  • Focus on facility security: Uncertain times ask for increased security measures
  • Events: In order to bring in crowd in slow seasons and on slow days events are the way to stabilise attendance throughout the season
  •  Focus on experience: The guest experience is key, investment in F&B experiences, unique themed rides to make parks unique destinations to get away from your daily life.


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