What's 5d cinema?

  5D cinema allowed us to plunge in the world of virtual reality, this technology is a perfect combination of 3D images and effects produced by the special equipment upon the human perceptive organs.You become totally involved in what is happening on the screen, and feel movements, rays of sun,wind blowing and humid air of ocean breeze etc.

Successful customer case


Successful customer case 1
Local in: Turkey
Charge: 4-6 USD dollar!
One day: around 150-200 people
 Bay A Kyol is fromTurkey, who want to invest to little cost business, so he choose our 5D cinema project. He bought a set of 5D cinema equipment and put it in a shopping mall near to the school. It's very popular to students and adults, there are around 200 people watch everyday. He earn his money back in about 3-4 months. Now he is planning to open another new cinema in other city.
Successful customer case 2
Country: Rwanda
9 seats 5D cinema !
Every day his incoming more than 1000-1200 USD dollar
Mr.Martin is from Rwanda. He is a young guy who want to do business. After we sugest and give poposal, he bought a set of 5D cinema equipment. In order to help him achieve, our technician installs the whole cinema for him. Now he can get most 1000 USD dollars everyday, and earn a lot of money. He is very apprecaite for our product and service.

To be best experienced 5d cinema



Full set 5d cinema equipment including


  The electric platform consists of six strong electric cylinders with six independent motors, and two parallel iron platforms. The motors control cylinders to move up and down, and then cylinders push the platform to move from different angles.


Seats can be customized,suitable for more people



 There are more than 100 HD 5d movies which including roller coast/science/horrible and kid movies,And we will update 10 pc of the latest HD every years

         We can provide a professional design for your cinema cabin

                                 Room size to set up the cinema:
                                    6 seats cinema: 6m*3m*3m
                                   9 seats cinema: 6m*3.3m*3m
                                  12 seats cinema: 6m*3.5m*3m

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