Roller Coaster 9D Dynamic Movie Equipment Cinema Special VR Glasses 6 DOF Dynamic Seats



Advantages of 9D Vision

Special Design -- Airship

VR Cinema with the different design, it is the airship shape. More attractive than before.

With Special Effects

Wind, sweep leg, Back and Buttocks vibration special effects

High resolution of VR glasses

2560*1440, 2K -- more clearly. Without screen, more easy to operate.

Update Movies every month

There are different theme of movies for your choose, adventure, cartoon,horror, war, culture ect to suite all kind of customers.


Besides, we will update the movies for your every months.




Prouduct Detail 





Why choose 6 seats 9D VR?

1.The highest profit and fast return                                  2.Solve player throughout capacity
3.Suitable for kids and adults                                          4.Share with friend and family together
5.Attractive and colorful looking                                      6.Multi-effects and special feeling
7.Interactive gun shooting game                                     8.6DOF Excited motions
9.Exclusive movies and games differ in others





What is the features of VR Cinema ?

1.In the open area-- Easy to operate the business

Suitable for walking street, shopping mall, beach, measum, amusement park, ect. In the open area, the exciting atmosphere can attract customers by itself.

2.Operated by single -- Save the labar

For this vr cinema, with the intelligent control terminal, just need one person to sell the tickets and play the movies.

3.Long-Distance Financial Monitoring System -- Free from worry

There is the Financial Monitoring System, including ticket real-time statistics, financial condition analysis,financial remote monitor. You can know your store condition even if you do not at the store.


4.Electric or hydraulic system for your choose.





What is the function of 9D VR cinema? 

1.Free vision 
Bionic 125 ° field of view,1080P HD resolution two eyes independently, without dead ends  brings you to enjoy the new funny world with real feelings. 

2.Interactive cabin with dynamic effects 
The moving speed of the cabin from 10mm / s to 167mm / s can be precise regulation, make you free to move in the new wonderful world.   

3.Head tracking target
Built-in 9-axis sensor, 360 ° head tracking, you will feel your whole body into the world of film when turning around  

4.Rich content
Boundless Universal,Endless Ocean,Hail of bullets......Fantasy you ever dreamed of will come true now.  

5.Amazing virtual reality experiences  
Explore every wonderful creation of our world,  broadcast the moment at present,  predict the future.




Which vr movies you can experience?

1. The VR movies are made by our Professional Movies Production Team. 
2. Provide with English Language movies and Interacitve games.
3. Update the vr movies every month. 
4. Different theme of movies for your choose, adventure, cartoon, horror, war, culture ect to suite all kind of customers. 




How to earn money?


Profit Analysis With VR- Family 6 Seats, you can Earn USD $648000/year! Ticket price can be set at $5-$10. The movie duration is 5-10 minutes, every hour can probably have at least six batches of spectators.

Operating Time          Profit Analysis        Total Profit
One Day   $5*6seats*6batches*10hours  $1800
One Month      $5*6seats*6batches*10hours*30days   $54000
One Year     $5*6seats*6batches*10hours*30days*12months    $648000


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