What is VR Bicycle




A、Surrealism: whether it is speed road bike, or breathtaking mountain bike , or stimulate the air bicycle, in a virtual reality world can let you experience the immersive experience beyond the reality ;
B、Intelligent: oxygen, heartbeat, calories, virtual reality bikes equipped with the most advanced intelligent sensor, scientific planning path for your sport;
C、Socializing: With virtual reality and the Internet, the physical space will no longer be hampered invite friends, travel together in the virtual world, to ensure that the beautiful friendship towards the other side of the boat;
Note: This experience project is very realistic , please try carefully.
VR Bicycle Detail
Virtual reality bike is based on computer simulation,Using virtual reality glasses,Real-time computer
Force feedback and Intelligent sensors simulation based on a realistic riding experience but beyond the reality
1, Cycling computer display real-time rendering environment through virtual reality helmet, To create a virtual riding environment for the rider;
2, real-time acquisition bicycle pedaling speed by the motion sensor, direction and lift leading efforts and so on, through real-time physics engine to modify the virtual environment;
3, Through force feedback device,the virtual riding environment through the damper response to the real world, ride control efforts; also through six degrees of freedom platform, real riding experience cornering, downhill, acceleration and deceleration and so on.
Realistic virtual reality experience
Panoramic experience
Through virtual reality head-mounted display glasses, to experience the full panoramic ride experience (panoramic 3D pictures, real visitors to follow the body and head movement, millisecond response time)
Force Feedback
Smart holder riding through force feedback technology, computer changed in real time according to the laws of physics to ride damping virtual environment simulation on the downhill, acceleration and deceleration Experience
Six dof platform
Bicycle placed on the 6 DOF platform, cornering by mechanical motion simulation when cycling, downhill, acceleration and deceleration and other sports Virtual Modeling CG computer technology can create a virtual track and the environment, so that the rider can safely experience the thrill beyond reality
Features And Advantages OF VR Bicycle
1. Small footprint, low investment, quick returns, easy to move operations, both indoor and outdoor operating features, it is the most cutting-edge technology and top-notch interactive virtual latest entertainment devices, today's popular investment choice, called the suction Mohegan car Variety Entertainment God car! 
2. 360 ° panoramic view, 1080P HD resolution independent eyes, immersive 9D helmet, all-round to bring you to enjoy  a full range of real new world :with the line of sight,every move is a change and every turn is a surprise, no matter the towering Cangshan gurgling water, or is the heavy pavilion vast hall, you will have a panoramic view 
3. Movie Power Introducing the 9D VR virtual reality dynamic theater, without a fixed screen, no sound decoration, seminal breakthrough in the traditional business model depends on the location of the facade, only 8 square meters of space, the open space can also shop: Arcade Community , park attractions, around schools, various venues, theaters K room, airport station, cafe bar ...... any area of focus groups are very suitable for the operation.
Enjoy the ride fun, to experience the speed and passion
Exciting experience, compact plot, stimulate the adrenaline surge, free new realm.
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