VR Haunted House

  1. 1 : 1 combination of virtual and real
  2. Immersive somatosensory props
  3. Interactive and innovative gameplay
  4. New place for trendy partying

Business guidelines

  • Covering an area of 15 square meters, it is suitable for indoor parks, shopping malls, arcade game centers, and VR experience hall projects;
  • Use your personal wisdom, because there is only one survivor. It is favored by young people;
  • Support 5 people to participate in to escape at the same time, the venue fan-level product.
--Product experience--
1 : 1 combination of virtual and real、Immersive somatosensory props、Interactive and innovative gameplay、New place for trendy partying

control screen

Real scene

Theme Promotion Poster

Fully enclosed battlefield shape,
more popular among young players

Gaming onlookers display

Vibrating floor design
makes the game more terrifying

--Technical parameters--
Product name VR Haunted House
Voltage 220V
Power 1.5-2.0kw
Standby consumption 1.5kw/h
Working consumption 2.0kw/h
Size L3750 x W3750 x H2600mm
Weight 500kg
Max load 600kg
Player 5 players
VR Helmet HTC vive
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