VR Space Theater

VR Space Theater

  1. Brand New thematic VR
  2. Customizable scene style
  3. High area efficiency and high return
  4. Various exciting adventure content
  5. Simple One-click playback operation

Business guidelines

  • Customized different type of themes according to different business scenarios;
  • 4 people experience at the same time, attract crowds, small footprint, high area efficiency VR products;
  • Equipped with coin-operated and one-click playback simple operation, suitable for shopping malls, experience centers, cultural tourism projects, etc.
--Product experience--
Brand New thematic VR、Customizable scene style、High area efficiency and high return、Various exciting adventure content、Simple One-click playback operation

game button


Leg sweeping

Onlooker display

--Technical parameters--
Product name VR Space Theater
Voltage 220V
Power 0.45-1.4kw
Standby consumption 0.45kw/h
Working consumption 1.4kw/h
Size L3200 x W1401 x H2200mm
Weight 400kg
Max load 500kg
Player 4 players
VR Helmet 3 Glasses D4
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