VR Flight Simulator

VR Flight Simulator

  1. Special Flying Experience
  2. Shooting and Flying Entertainment
  3. Various boutique VR games

Business guidelines

  • Covers an area of 2 square meters, suitable for VR parks, shopping malls, VR experience hall
  • The challenge is to fly down from a wing height of 2000 meters, which is very popular among young people;
  • Self-service experience, simple maintenance, saving site management costs.
--Product experience--
Special Flying Experience、Shooting and Flying Entertainment、Various boutique VR games

Flying control joystick

One touch screen

simulation system

Cool wings

Automatic lifting system

--Technical parameters--
Product name VR Flight Simulator
Voltage 220V
Power 0.3-0.8kw
Standby consumption 0.3kw/h
Working consumption 0.8kw/h
Size L2200 x W1200 x H1060mm
Weight 217kg
Max load 150kg
Player 1 player
VR Helmet Deepoon E3C
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