Earthquake Disaster Research Center
It can accommodate 10 people at the same time, suitable for theme park, VR park, science and technology museum, shopping mall

Combining with multimedia technology like sound and light , 4D somatosensory and 3D vision technologies to real restore some unavailable scenes,to simulate the scenes of ground shaking,cracking of the ceiling and wall, falling objects on the wall during an earthquake and other scenes.

--Earthquake simulation platform--
Through the complete imitation of the simulation platform and the internal facilities of the cabin, plus different visual, auditory and other sensory information, the earthquake effect is created to obtain the best simulation experience and training effect.
Simulating the situation of a room during an earthquake, the rumble of the ground sounds from far and near, the ground swaying strongly, driving the room to shake, the furniture is crooked, the indoor damage to varying degrees during the earthquake, let the audience experience the power of the earthquake!
--Simulated earthquake scenarios--
The cooperation between the earthquake simulation platform and the acousto-optics to better create the real effect of the environment can allow the audience to feel the earthquake in all directions

The earthquake platform simulates the scene of an earthquake shaking the house and cannot stand normally on the platform, allowing the audience to get closer to the earthquake and feel more realistically.

The interior of the house is modeled on reality. After the earthquake, ceiling pendant lights, wall hangings dropped and the wall cracked, giving the audience an immersive experience.

Hand-held control system
One-click playback, easy to operate

Solve the problems of selection and playback operations through complex menus or navigators, which are prone to misoperation and inconvenient operation. Movie Power provides a hand-held tablet control system, one-button playback, easy to operate.

One-key restored of objects
Once finished experienced,all goods can one-key recovery by automatic.

Solved the problem of restoring the ceiling pendant lights, dropped wall hangings and the cracked wall by staff after the earthquake experience, which is waste time and labor and bring some malposition problems. The Movie Power hand-held tablet control system can help you to avoid tedious recovery work, one-key to control recovery the objects, and shorten the time gap for the next experience.

Explaining area of earthquake disaster science knowledge

After the earthquake process the player still in shock , the AI artificial intelligence technology is used to decrypt the earthquake occurrence process, earthquake prevention, emergency response and rescue knowledge. Through learning, let us know how to do earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and how to correctly escape when the earthquake comes .