VR anti-drug education experience
Promote anti-drug education through VR experience

With the immersive experience of VR, the player can experience the harm caused by drug abuse, and effectively improve the people's anti-drug and anti-drug, thereby enhancing the legal awareness.

--VR anti-drug education experience equipment--
Simulate building a drug addiction place and drug addiction characters, and fully understand the harmful of drugs and drugs on the human body
--VR Anti-drug Education Experience Project--
VR anti-drug experience

Using VR technology to build a drug addiction places and drug addiction characters, so that the player can experience the discomfort caused by drug addiction;

VR KTV anti-drug experience

Simulate the visual squinting of the eyes after taking drugs in KTV and introduce the common methods of inducing drug use. (Visual, auditory, interactive)

VR drug driving experience

Use a third-person perspective to simulate the driving experience in a state of ambiguity after taking drugs.
--The dangers of taking drugs--
Continuous drug use can make people addicted and seriously affect human health. There are many hazards of drugs. There are three main types of hazards.
  • Harm to individual from drug abuse
  • Harm to families from drug abuse
  • Harm to society from drug abuse
Player directly experience the negative effects and harms from the drug abuse.At the same time learn the harmfulness of the drug abuse and the organ diseases that will occur after the drug abuse.
Player experienced the whole process from beginning drug addiction, in order to gather more drug money, to resale their own property, sell their children, force young female to engage in prostitution and other evil acts, finally destroying the happy family.
Player are allow to experience the 6 major behaviors that endanger public safety (such as drug trading, incapacity, theft of property, robbing property, killing,and engage in prostitution to earn the drug money.
--VR drug education--
Player learn anti-drug knowledge education, accurately understand the consequences of drug abuse and legal regulations, and effectively raise public’s awareness of the anti-drug and drug legal.

Types of drugs

The simulation introduces 10 common drugs(Tianna water, morphine, powder, cannabis, rolling stones, methamphetamine, ecstasy, dulentin, hypnone, fairy water)and its damage to the corresponding organs of the human body.

Ways of taking drugs

There are many ways to take drugs, such as oral, nasal, oral, injection and so on. However, since the initial way of drug abuse was oral and nasal inhalation, the various ways and habits of drug abuse are collectively referred to as "drug taking" up to now.
--Application areas of VR anti-drug education--
Applicable to anti-drug theme popular science education bases, anti-drug offices, detoxification centers, anti-drug propaganda in major schools, community anti-drug propaganda, etc.
  • Popular science education bases on various anti-drug themes

  • Drug Control Office, Detoxification Center

  • Anti-drug publicity in major schools

  • Community anti-drug publicity