Traffic safety experience
Realistic traffic accident environment.Safe and easy to experience.Rich content, and huge development potential .Have effective education methods and education platforms.

Traffic accidents are caused by careless and weak traffic awareness . VR technology reshapes the scene of traffic accidents, allowing people to experience the scene of the accident, and a profound experience can awaken people’s respect for the accident! The alarm bells of VR are constantly ringing, injecting new scientific and technological impetus into traffic safety education.

--VR traffic safety experience equipment--
Simulated traffic accidents to restore the realistic accident environment
--VR traffic safety experience project--
  • Drunken driving simulation
  • Fatigue driving simulation
  • Drug driving simulation
Drunken driving simulation

Through the virtual driving scene, let the experience feel the danger of drunk driving

Fatigue driving simulation

Analyze the impact and harm of fatigue driving, and warn people to have the safety awareness

Drug driving simulation

Only experience the drug driving with clear mind , will deeply know the harmfulness of drug driving!

  • Safe driving simulation
  • Dangerous situation simulation
  • Driving simulation
Safe driving simulation

Immersive learning environment is more impressed with the knowledge of traffic safety science

Dangerous situation simulation

Realistic experience of traffic accidents, security awareness is more deeply rooted

Driving simulation

Safe and easy experience of driving on the road, improving learning and training efficiency

--VR traffic safety case--
Applicable to traffic safety experience halls, major transportation city colleges, automobile sales 4S shops, traffic law enforcement departments and other related institutions.
Mercedes-Benz 4S shop

In order to increase car sales, the Mercedes-Benz 4S store specifically ordered the VR equipment from Movie Power, so that customers who come to purchase car can experience the comfort and driving pleasure of the car though the latest VR technology.