VR building safety experience
VR building safety training, use virtual to make your reality safer

In daily production, despite various preventive measures, personal accidents still occur. By immersively simulating the scene of accidents through VR, workers can experience the accidents on their own, so that they can feel awe of the accidents deep in their hearts and establish a sense of safety first.

--VR building safety experience platform--
Simulate the process of building safety accidents
--VR Building Safety Experience Project--
  • Electric shock accident
  • Falling from height
  • Objects fall
  • Site explosion
VR experience electric shock accident

When checking the wiring, it was found that the wires of the machinery and equipment on the construction site fell off. Due to lack of relevant knowledge, the workers touched the wires with their hands directly, resulting in electric shock injuries.

VR experience falling from height

The temporarily built working platform is not effectively fixed, and the workers enter the platform built at high altitude for construction. Due to the failure to fix the seat belt on the body, the worker falls from a height.

VR experience objects fall

When the welding machine was transported to the processing shed, no safety hazards were checked. When the crane was lifted, the welding machine fell down, and the workers were now under the welding machine...

VR experience site explosion

Restored through VR immersive scene, explain that when using oxygen or welding torch, if the valve is not tightly closed and the storage distance of the gas cylinder is not enough, it is easy to produce site safety production accidents.

  • Site fire
  • Foundation pit collapse
  • Tower Crane Accident
  • Gantry crane accident
VR experience site fire

Through the restoration of VR immersive scenes, the workers on the site experienced a lack of fire safety awareness and negligence caused a fire.

VR experience foundation pit collapse

Through VR immersion scene restoration, experience the construction process, under the action of external force, the building exceeds its own strength limit and the structure is out of balance and collapses, objects fall from high places and cause personal injury accidents.

VR experience Tower Crane Accident

Through the VR immersive scene restoration, experience the safety accident of workers on the construction site due to the improper operation of the crane operator and the collapse of the crane on the construction site.

VR experience gantry crane accident

Through the VR immersive scene restoration, experience the transmission parts of the mechanical equipment on the construction site (such as gears, shafts, crawlers, etc.) exposed, due to the aging of the mechanical equipment and eventually collapse, resulting in safety accidents of workers on the construction site.

--VR building safety case--
Applicable to relevant government agencies, major architectural engineering schools, major construction engineering construction units
Guangxi Construction Engineering VR Intelligent Security Experience Hall

In response to the party's call, construction safety is above all else. In order to let construction workers keep safety in mind, Guangxi Construction Engineering has added a VR intelligent safety experience hall to facilitate construction workers' learning.