--Fire Safety Institute--
Simulate flame, heat wave, short circuit, thick smoke and other scenarios with acousto-optic technology to truly restore immersive fire

Fire knowledge display area

The hazards of fires and major fire data in various parts of the country are presented in the form of videos, and real cases are used to let people understand the hazards of fires and warn them to prevent fires.

Physical icons, physical fire fighting equipment and other methods are displayed so that visitors can get in touch with fire fighting equipment at a short distance, and let more people learn more about the fire fighting equipment through operate with physical objects.

--Kitchen fire area--
Restore the kitchen scene, experience the fire alarm caused by poor fire awareness in kitchen and the improper use of electrical appliances, simulating the most of kitchen fire accidents, and teach people how to handle, so that to improve people's fire awareness and self-help skills.

Before the fire disaster

Before the fire disaster

Through the combination of AR projection technology and physical construction, the real kitchen scene is restored to make the simulated environment closer to life.

After the fire disaster

After the fire disaster

Due to the lack of fire protection awareness, fires and explosions were caused, and the fire gradually spread and expanded.
School Lab Experience Area
The chemical fire in the laboratory will produce different toxic fumes:
  • White smoke is non-toxic
  • Yellow smoke is poisonous
  • Green smoke is poisonous
  • Black smoke is super high temperature

A large number of chemicals are stored in the school laboratory. Improper operation or improper storage may cause explosions and fires, causing toxic gases to spread into the air. School laboratory experience, simulating accidents in school laboratories, emergency handling methods and correct fire fighting equipment after popular science accidents.

  • Hotel fire scene

    Fires caused by smoking in hotels,the reason is cigarette butts fall off when people enter into the hotel

  • AR fire extinguishing experience area

    The AR interactive area is follow AR's interactive technology and educational methods to let you simulate hand on extinguish experiences,to help you to learn more fire safety knowledge.

  • Fire knowledge answer area

    Fire safety knowledge to answer questions, the escape door will open when your answer is correct.

--Service Case--
Dongguan Longfeng Villa, Jiangxi Jiujiang Zisang VR Technology Museum, etc.
Jiangxi Jiujiang Chai Sang VR Technology Museum

Chai Sang District VR Technology Experience Museum is a new VR technology experience museum in Jiujiang City that integrates knowledge, fun and experience.