VR Smart Classroom
VR virtual education, the next educational product channel entrance, creates a highly simulated, interactive, and explorable VR experience-based deep learning teaching environment for students.

Integration of virtual reality technology and teaching scenarios, with high-quality VR teaching resources as the core, can abstract knowledge and concepts, help teachers with easy and convenient intelligent teaching interactive operations, and create high simulation and immersion for students. The interactive intelligent learning space is the best way to implement scientific exploration teaching activities, traditional subject innovation teaching and research activities, and STEAM maker teaching activities.

--Education background--
Traditional lesson education VR lesson education
Persuasive indoctrination education Be immersive
Students can't focus on Multi-sensory immersive experience
Can't simulate real environment Simulate realistic disasters and other similar environments
Cannot repeat actual drill Can perform multiple rehearsals at any time
Some scenes are not suitable for public explanation With privacy and protect privacy
There is a possibility of "accident" Security exercises in a virtual environment
Need professional venues and equipment Unlimited experience space
--Application areas of VR education--
It is suitable for k12 education, red party and government education, enterprise technical training, rehabilitation training for special groups, etc
  • K12 Education

  • Red Party and Government Education

  • Enterprise technical training

  • Rehabilitation training for special groups

--VR Smart Classroom--
The teaching environment of VR experiential deep learning provides a one-stop VR intelligent education solution for the education industry, which enables multiple people to conduct online VR teaching at the same time.
--VR Smart Classroom Solution Composition--
VR immersive learning and maker practice projects include educational customized hardware products and software systems.
  • VR education customized hardware
  • VR teaching software system
  • Introduction of VR Central Control Teaching System

Mobile teaching vehicle

Removable, easy to use, safe storage of multiple teaching equipment terminals, able to charge and cool all terminal products. Moreover, it has a protective door body, which can reduce the risk of electric shock caused by touching wires by junior students.

VR integrated machine

The weight of the product is very light, without too much weight-bearing feeling; there is no wire binding, and the degree of freedom is higher. The 360-degree video screen creates a kind of immersive immersion, a wonderful visual experience.

The integrated broadcast control system displays VR educational content in a centralized manner, and uses the central control system to accurately understand the student's learning status and control the student's viewing progress. Combine virtual reality technology with classroom to create an immersive teaching environment.

VR all-in-one terminalVR all-in-one terminalVR all-in-one terminalVR all-in-one terminalVR all-in-one terminal

  • Select the device that needs to be controlled

  • Select the content to play

  • Start to play the content

  • VR subject resources Introduction
  • VR educational interactive game resources
  • VR teaching class resources

The topics cover humanities, history, science, and arts, involving Chinese, mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, history, biology, science, and many other disciplines.including "Revisiting the Silk Road" and "Exploring the Footprint of the Red Army Long March" , "Material Structure", "Green Plants Participating in the Water Cycle of the Biosphere", "The Origin of Level 4" and other resources.

The light interactive educational game specially developed for the VR all-in-one machine has simple interactive operation and is not limited by space and equipment. It can ensure that multiple students use their own equipment for interactive exploration at the same time. Specific resources include fire escape, cell journey, and happy memorization of words.

In order to help school teachers to carry out VR teaching quickly and easily, and reduce the workload of teachers in preparing lessons, a research manual and a teaching manual for teachers for classroom learning, a full set of teaching PPT discs, and supporting test questions and course evaluation documentation have been specially developed e-edition.
--VR Smart Classroom Case--
Applicate to major schools, new-stytle popular science education bases, vocational training institutions, and science technology exhibition halls, etc.
China Shanghai ZhouPu middle school VR classroom

The VR classroom in Shanghai Zhoupu Middle School is Movie Power aimed at exploring the needs of VR teaching in primary and middle schools, and provides "easy teaching, enjoyment and innovation" immersive learning VR education industry solutions. VR immersive experience is applied to teaching work, thereby helping to maximize the achievements of education, reduce the burden on teachers, and promote the construction of educational informationization in schools.