VR cinema

VR cinema

  1. Future movie watching trends
  2. Different movie watching experience
  3. 360° rotating dynamic seat

Business guidelines

  • It occupies an area of 20-38 square meters, suitable for indoor fun park, large-scale commercial complex, science research and cultural tourism projects;
  • Different theme content can be customized according to different theme projects;
  • Customizable experience for 2-12 people, high flow, high area-effectiveness product.
--Product experience--
Future movie watching trends、Different movie watching experience、360° rotating dynamic seat

game seat

game handle

Motion simulation

back poking

leg sweeping
\shock effect

360°rotating combat

--Technical parameters--
Product name VR cinema
Voltage 220V
Standby consumption
Working consumption
Max load 300kg
Player 2 player
VR Helmet 3 Glasses
--Hot product recommendation--
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