Earthquake Movies Theater
Earthquake Cinema Suitable for theme parks, indoor parks, science and technology museums, etc. According to different site design

In recent years, earthquake disasters have occurred frequently. The Earthquake Cinema combines sound and photoelectric technology and dynamic special effects technology to simulate the scene of an earthquake. People can learn escape knowledge, and minimize safety and property losses.

--Product experience--
Watching Movie is more immersive、Dynamic special effect seat、Environmental effects simulation
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Earthquake Movies Theater

Through the real-world simulation of the earthquake theme and the scene of the movie, the sense of substitution is stronger.
The dynamic seat has special effects such as water spray, air jet, lightning, and leg sweep.
Special effects such as snow, rain, bubble lightning, smoke, etc., add points to the movie-watching experience.

--Earthquake Theater Case--
Allows large group of audience, high turnover per game, suitable for amusement parks and theme parks