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Movie Power strives to offer you the innovative and premium VR arcade machines apart from the market.

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Discover a wide range of VR simulators designed to meet the needs of your business.

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Movie Power have updated our products & خدمة لحل جميع مخاوفك المحتملة التي قد تكون لديك على الفور.

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خدمة التخصيص

خدمة التخصيص

Our primary goal is to facilitate your business scheme with flexibility. In order to achieve that, all our VR simulator can be fully customized to meet your specific business needs, ensuring a tailored solution that suits you best.

متنزه الواقع الافتراضي

متنزه الواقع الافتراضي

In addition to a standalone VR arcade machine, we offer comprehensive one-stop business projects that cater to all your needs. Whether you are looking to establish a mini station or a mega park, our dedicated consultants are available to assist you in expanding and growing your business.

FAQs on VR Siting & Riding Simulator

9D cinema is a type of entertainment experience that combines a 3D film with various physical effects, such as motion seats, رياح, بخاخات الماء, and scent generators. It aims to provide a more immersive and interactive movie-watching experience for the audience.

A VR driving simulator is a virtual reality platform that allows users to experience realistic driving scenarios, using a combination of high-tech displays, motion sensors, and steering controls. By wearing a VR headset, you are immersed in a virtual environment that closely resembles real-world driving conditions.

No prior horse riding experience is necessary to enjoy a VR horse riding simulator. These simulators are designed to be accessible to all, allowing both beginners and experienced riders to immerse themselves in the virtual equestrian world.

نعم, VR roller coaster simulators often feature a variety of roller coaster themes to cater to different preferences. Whether you prefer a thrilling, fast-paced ride or a more relaxed scenic journey, there are usually multiple roller coaster options available that offer unique themes and experiences.

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