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  • [Perfect ending] The MVP of this Exhibition, a Cost-Effective Investment!

[Perfect ending] The MVP of this Exhibition, a Cost-Effective Investment!

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VR Metaverse Carnival Festival

Explosive charm, dazzling

Why is it so amazing? Why is it so popular?

Let’s review the wonderful moments of this exhibition,

Travel through the crowds and chase your passion,

Crowds of people in front of the exhibition stand

Undoubtedly proves the outstanding charm and investment value of our new products

The scene was noisy and there were constant signings.

The atmosphere was warm

Good news keeps coming

The negotiation table is busy

Exhibited products sold out

Popular best-sellers

1. VR Space-Time Shuttle

Stunning debut of the top lineup

360° exciting spin for two people

Full of action, triggering screams

Time shuttle, the first choice for immersive play

2. VR X-Espía

Wonderful shooting experience, players can’t put it down

Original games, high-definition picture quality, precise positioning

No dizziness, easy to use

Let players immerse themselves in it and enjoy it freely

This exhibition ended successfully

Sincere thanks to every friend who came to visit

Your support will be our driving force to move forward

Thank you again for your attention and companionship

Looking forward to the next gathering and meeting Movie Power again at the American exhibition

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