Silla de huevo VR

Movie Power are committed to providing you with the innovative and premium 360 VR Egg Chair apart from the market to grow your VR arcade business.

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Experimenta un juego realista y mejora la coordinación ojo-mano mientras disfrutas de una sesión de entrenamiento divertida y atractiva..
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Silla de huevo VR

This state-of-the-art VR Egg Chair combines advanced technology and ergonomic design, providing unmatched comfort and an immersive VR experience. Perfect for brand owners and distributors seeking to offer the best virtual reality solutions to their customers.

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Consulte a nuestros expertos para obtener soluciones llave en mano basadas en sus ideas.

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Ha estado en el campo durante más de décadas., hemos actualizado nuestros productos & servicio para resolver todas sus posibles inquietudes que pueda tener de inmediato.

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Servicio de personalización

Servicio de personalización

Nuestro objetivo es lubricar su esquema de manera flexible.. En esos casos, all our VR egg chair can be customized in details for your business needs. Adecuado para crear un negocio de franquicia de realidad virtual.
Parque temático de realidad virtual

Parque temático de realidad virtual

Except for a single VR simulator, Puedes disfrutar de proyectos empresariales integrales con nosotros.. Our consultants can help you expand and grow your arcade business with a mini station and even a mega park.

Two Types of 9D VR Egg Chair

VR 360° Chair vs. VR Motion Chair

ProductoVR 360° Rotation ChairVR 360° Rotation ChairVR Motion ChairVR Motion Chair
Dynamic Effect360-degree rotating platform3-axis dynamic platform
Player Available12-4
Seat Belt6-PointStandard
ConsoleNoSí, 3 options available
Application ScopeEntertainment-focusedSuitable for gaming, training, etc..
Use CasesSuited for panoramic viewsVersatile for diverse VR content

Ventajas clave de Silla de huevo VR

A 360-degree VR chair is a 9D-motion seating device designed for virtual reality experiences, allowing users to rotate in all directions to enhance immersion. It complements VR content by providing a more dynamic and interactive environment.

This virtual reality egg chair (with ±180° rotation) in Movie Power challenges the limit of vision somatosensory, bringing players to a wild drive through a trackless 360° 10-loop roller coaster.

FAQs on VR Egg Chair

A VR egg chair is a specialized chair designed to provide an immersive virtual reality (realidad virtual) experience. Shaped like an egg, it offers a comfortable seating position and is equipped with built-in speakers and VR headsets. This innovative chair allows users to enjoy 3D virtual worlds, juegos, or tours while providing a 360-degree view, mejorando la experiencia general de realidad virtual.

A VR egg chair combines virtual reality technology with ergonomic design. Users wear VR headsets, which transmit virtual imagery, while sitting comfortably in the egg-shaped chair. The chair is equipped with built-in speakers and sometimes even rumble features for a more interactive experience. It synchronizes with the VR headset and provides a stable, safe, and immersive environment where users can explore, game, or watch VR content with ease.

Sí, a VR egg chair provides an excellent platform to enjoy virtual reality movies. Immersive VR movies can provide a unique cinematic experience, allowing you to feel like you’re part of the action on the screen. Many VR platforms and apps offer a variety of VR movies that can be accessed through the built-in VR headset provided with the chair. You can explore various genres, from action-packed adventures to breathtaking documentaries, enhancing your movie-watching experience to a whole new level.

A VR egg chair is compatible with various virtual reality content, including games, simulaciones, movies, and educational applications. Users can explore virtual worlds, engage in thrilling gaming experiences, or even take virtual tours of real-world locations.

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