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Movie Power provides multi-sensory equipment and turnkey solutions for motion cinema ranging from 4D to 7D.

Your Success through Comprehensive Service

We offer all-round support to assist you in having a successful and profitable VR business.

Mutifunctional Motion Theater Chair

Customized to diverse quantities as a set and different theme types of appearance. With exciting motion effects, it includes back poking, água & air spraying, vibration and leg sweeping.

Fully Immersive & Fun Effects

Designed to support realistic simulations for all kinds of weather and environmental conditions, as well as entertainment effects.

Back Tickler

Pitch & Roll









Turnkey Solutions for Your Area Size

Our capabilities include making 2 para 200 seats depending on your area size and goal.

20 Seats
40 Seats
60 Seats
9d cinema

20 Seats Startup Plan

A startup plan with a cost-friendly budget and fewer space suits novices in the motion theater business, which is available for indoor amusement parks, trampoline parks, etc..

9d cinema

40 Seats Medium Plan

The moderate plan is best for businesses with the help of the place with large customer traffic and bigger area sizes, such as museums, Shopping, amusement parks, etc..

60 Seats Mega Plan

A mega solution for mega businesses is suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, e assim por diante. If there are any special requirements, it can be customized for over 200 seats for the dome and arc cinema.

Applicable Places We Serve

Utilizing our versatile expertise, we provide high-performing motion cinema models that are applicable in several family entertainment centers.

Teatro de Movimento Case Study

Since our inception, we’ve completed many cases, having gained good reviews and repurchases from our customers.

20 Seats Case in Morocco

The 5D motion theater in 50 square meters is located in the largest and most famous local park in Morocco, which is a comprehensive place integrating water park, indoor arcade, VR park and hotel services. It provides the latest and most exciting motion theater experience for local and foreign tourists, and is loved by them.

32 Seats Case in Oman

As an educational motion cinema with over 100 square meters in Nizwa Science and Technology Center, it allows students and faculty members to get an immersive experience throughout the screenings.

It is the first of its kind in the Sultanate, focusing on helping students to retain knowledge and leave a deep impression after watching films.

50 Seats in Germany

It is a historical theme with 8D cinema with 200 metros quadrados, equipped with a multilanguage system for visitors


A virtual journey through time in the Middle Ages allows customers to experience an epoch of imperial proportions with fire, água, vento, névoa, snow in full-motion chairs.

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7Cinema D

5D/7D Cinema for Novel Business Oppotunity

We deliver new styles with great contribution to the immersive business, which makes individual entrepreneurs stand out. Popular in a small place or mobile truck.

What's Cinema 9D Comparing to 4D, 5D, 7D?

Features4Cinema D5Cinema D7Cinema D9Cinema D
Assentos de movimentoSimSimSimSim
3Filmes D SimSimSimSim
ImersãoModerateModerateHighVery High
Duration10-20 minutos10-20 minutos10-20 minutos10-20 minutos
Environment EffectsNoneWind EffectsVento & Water EffectsVento, Water, Lighting, Scent, Bubble & Snow Effects
Individual Seat Area3-5 ㎡3-5 ㎡3-5 ㎡4-6 ㎡

How 9D Virtual Reality Works?

the structure of 5D cinema

Movie Power applies the 9D cinema machine to create sensory spectacles, going through snow, vento, água, bolhas, and other dynamic environments. From heart-racing adventures to enchanting landscapes, we have 8 series of cinema themes. Each of them features:

  • Visual realism
  • Motion simulation
  • Spatial audio
  • Haptic feedback
  • Environmental effects
  • Interactive elements

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Como Colaborar conosco


Dentro de 24 horas, entraremos em contato com você com uma proposta personalizada contendo suas demandas e custos.


A equipe de designers e consultores enviará gratuitamente um layout 2D ou um design de decoração 3D dependendo de suas necessidades.


Equipamentos interativos em estoque para crianças podem ser enviados dentro de 7 dias, enquanto pedidos personalizados podem levar 40-60 dias.


Você pode contar com o serviço de parcelamento on-line e no local de nossos técnicos para uma instalação bem-sucedida e perfeita.