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Wide range of cost-friendly VR machines that has won several great reviews from our customers all over the world.

VR Shark Chairs Simulator

Hot Selling Worldwide Virtual Reality Shark Chair Arcade Equipment.

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vr shooting simulator

AR Sniper Elite Shooting Simulator

AR Sniper Elite Arcade Shooting Game Arcade Equipment.

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VR Beat Hero Simulator

Popular Virtual Reality 9D Beat Hero Arcade Equipment.

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How Our Partner Get Success in VR Business

First Park with VR Simulator in a Southern Town

By chance, the manager of an amusement park became interested in VR simulators and began conducting market research to seek collaboration with premiere VR manufacturers.

Telal Land Amusement Park attracted a large number of visitors in Libya, and made a profit of 100,000 US dollars in two months.

Optimistic about the prospects of the VR industry, the owner purchased about 5 VR simulators would like to introduce more VR equipment to improve the customer’s experience and build VR chain stores across countries.


VR Shark / VR 360 urricane

A Month to Make a Return

A silicone businessman in California has started a business in the VR industry in recent years. For a novice who has just stepped into the VR industry, a project with a small investment while fast turnover is a good choice.

After learning about his needs and ideas, we developed a comprehensive solution with business analysis, investment and site selection.

Although the site area is only 10 square meters, passenger flow is very large and only takes a month to make a return. In July this year, he repurchased 8 sets of simulators from us again to expand his VR business booth.


VR Shark / VR 360 Hurricane

A Check-in Point for Local Internet Celebrities

In a VR theme park in Switzerland, many people come to experience VR virtual reality equipment during the holidays and feel the excitement and fun brought by VR technology.

When the Christmas was approaching, the manager has arranged it with seasonal decors.

The traffic on that day is beyond 1,000+ person, so that it quickly return to cost soon after opening. Seeing that theme parks are becoming more and more popular, he wants to expand the business scope and create more VR theme parks with us in Switzerland..


VR racing cars / VRO2

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The 9D as a new trend technology provides an immersive and fantastic experience with all kinds of motion effects. Combining with a virtual reality simulator, it allows players to enjoy the VR world of the 360-degree game and movies.

4k high quality and commercial exciting content that your audience would love to repurchase to play again, including racing, horror, cartoon, roller coaster, interactive shooting, etc.

Different from traditional arcade machine, Virtual reality (VR) requires little area, but offers so much more immersive fun, will gradually become a lead trend technology for entertainment business around the world. It a great chance to be in the field and gain a bucket of profits.

1. Get a competative price directly from a factory

2. A series of warranty without hassle

3. Abilities to continuously updated machine & games for expanding your business

4. Turnkey service from providing solutions to aftersales market tips

Based on your budget, estimated area, turnover and some other requirements, our specialist will reccomend equipments and solutions and a series of return on investment (ROI) analysis to reach your goals without hassle.