VR Car Racing Simulator

For VR car racing simulators with speed & passion favored by all ages, it is a must have for your VR business. Movie Power offers diverse, customizable, stylish and up-to-time selections.

Explore VR Race Car Simulator

Applicate to a wide range of family entertainment centers, such as arcade, indoor park, and so on.

VR Cartoon Kart
VR Realistic Racing Simulator
VR Racing Arcade Machine
vr car driving simulator

VR Space Racing

Modern style and streamlined appearance for sports car with additional game live screen. Simulate kart racing cars and exclusive power-up items in fantasy world to win all-ages customers. A variety of game modes for you business strategy. Easily moved to other sites with light weight.

VR Car Racing Simulator

VR Super Racing

Multiplayer online competition and competitive ranking system enhance interactive level and high user stickiness. The real-time force feedback of car crash, cornering, and road feel forms a realistic experience and is favored by racing players. Unlimited and customizable popular models catch customers’ eye within a second.

vr race car simulator

Overtake VR

Updated version of traditional racing arcade games. A higher level of thrilling, exciting, and true-to-life car racing experience. Support 4 players to battle in one shop at the same time. High repurchase rate with a variety of themed tracks. Intelligent self service system without need for staff guidance and low investment costs.

Numerous Immersive Speed & Passion Games

A wide range of car driving simulator game in different theme for you, including speedy racing & racing with power-up items.

Radial-G Racing

VR Kart Chaser

Project Cars

Customers Experience Gallery

Favored for exploring fun & exciting experience, countless players enjoy the racing car driving simulator and leave a deep impression.

Supports For Your VR Arcade Project

Movie Power endeavours to smooth your business in effective ways.

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Customization Service

Customization Service

We aim to lubricate your scheme in flexible ways. In such cases, all our equipment can be customized in details for your business needs. Suitable for building a VR franchise business.

VR Theme Park

VR Theme Park

Except for a single machine, you can enjoy a one-stop business projects with us. Our consultants can help you expand and grow your business with a mini station and even a mega park.