VR Slide

As waterslides are always a popular summer activity around the world, Movie Power is here to bring your our latest and innovative slide simulator combined the tech of VR and synchronic motions for all seasons.

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Suit for a variety of business venues, such as arcade, museum and so on.

VR Slide

Exciting & thrilling simulating experience in realistic and unseen world includes waterslides, rollercoaster, and dive from 300 meters at a speed of 100 mph. Sleek design for easy and simple maintenance.

Numerous Immersive Games

Various video game contents in fantasy world for exciting experience, including water slide, roller coster and so on.

End of World Journey

Trip to Egypt

Forbidden City Scenery

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Favored for exploring fun & exciting experience, countless players enjoy the simulator and leave a deep impression.

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Movie Power endeavours to smooth your business in effective ways.

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Customization Service

Customization Service

We aim to lubricate your scheme in flexible ways. In such cases, all our equipment can be customized in details for your business needs. Suitable for building a VR franchise business.

VR Theme Park

VR Theme Park

Except for a single machine, you can enjoy a one-stop business projects with us. Our consultants can help you expand and grow your business with a mini station and even a mega park.