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Movie Power Global Tour Dubai Station

Movie Power sincerely invites all merchants to visit the Dubai Entertainment and Leisure Exhibition!

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What Is 7D Movie? How Does It Work in Cinema?

Delve into the innovative 7D cinema, advanced technology, meaning, and gamified experience. Entertain a cinematic future beyond sight and sound.

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Holiday Notice of Spring Festival in 2024

Join Movie Power in celebrating the Chinese New Year! Plan for a smooth experience during our festive break.

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What Is The Difference Between 3D And 4D Movies?

Discover the evolution and VR experience of cinema with insights into 3D, 4D, and MX4D movies.

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a man sitting in the VR arcade machine

Difference Between VR 360 Chair And VR Motion Chair

Discover the unique features of VR 360 Chair and VR Motion Chair, and decide which one is perfect for you!

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What is 9D Virtual Reality

What Is 9D Virtual Reality?

Unleash your senses with 9D virtual reality!

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VR Beat Saber

What Is Beat Saber?

Unleash the rhythm and have a deep dive into VR beat saber.

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What Is A Virtual Reality Arcade?

Explore the benefits and popular games of virtual reality arcade.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Multiplayer VR Games

Step into the immersive world of multiplayer VR games and explore a variety of thrilling experiences with friends and players from around the globe.

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