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[Perfect ending] The MVP of this exhibition, a cost-effective investment!

Take a look on Movie Power’s products in the VR Metaverse Carnival Festival.

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vr egg chair

What is VR Egg Chair?

Learn everything you need to know about the VR egg chair

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augmented reality vs. virtual reality

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

AR vs. VR, what is the difference?

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a man playing the VR game

Creating an Immersive VR Arcade Experience: Tips and Tricks

Learn to create a VR arcade experience that captivates and enchants your visitors!

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group playing vr arcade game

VR Arcade Gaming: Immersive Entertainment for the Future

Find out about the big heat in the game industry-VR gaming.

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9d cinema

9D Cinema: Taking Entertainment to the Next Level

Explore the magnificent world of 9d cinema and experience the evolution of visual art!

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girl playing vr game with headset

VR Gaming Cautions: Enjoying Virtual Reality Safely

Virtual Reality (VR) gaming has revolutionized the …

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Movie-Power at the 7th Asia VR & AR Exposition

Check out Movie-Power at the 7th Asia VR&AR Exposition!

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Two man playing game with VR simulator

The Rise of VR Flight Simulators: A New Era of Immersive Gaming

Explore the thrill of VR Flight Simulators!

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