VR 9D Cinema

An advanced 2 in 1 tech that can offer a fully immersive experience for entertainment or education through virtual reality and motion effects. Multiple 9D virtual reality chair available for your selection.

Explore Popular and Featured Simulators

Whether you’re building a small-scale station or a large one, 9D vr simulator with a different quantity of seats can match your business.

2 Players
4 Players
6 Players
12 Players
9D VR chair

VR Shark

The seats are made of high-grade FRP material, allowing for a comfortable playing experience. Innovative semi-wrapped shark design enhances visual effects and game atmosphere. Double seats suitable for parent-child and couple experience.

VR 9D cinema 4 players

VR Space Theater

Additional screen shows live playing content to attract customers. Operation without noise and interference for immersive simulation. Dual game buttons for each player to achieve an Interactive experience.

VR 9D Cinema-6 Players

VR Family

Suitable for all ages and shared with parents and children together. Popular VR product with high repurchase rate in the market. Integrated with financial accounting system without hassle.

VR 9D Cinema 12 Players

VR Ark Spaceship

Large space ark appearance to attract for space & science lovers. Available for education of aviation, cosmic World & sea world. It can even be ungraded with more seats as a novel style cinema.

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Various Immersive Game Options

Numerous themes with 4K quality and 9D VR chair for you, including shooting, riding roller coaster, traveling from outerspace to deep sea, etc.

Mech War

Bird and Burger

Interstellar War

Customers Experience Gallery

Favored for exploring fun & exciting experience, countless players enjoy the simulator and leave a deep impression.

Support For Your VR Arcade Project

Movie Power endeavours to smooth your business in effective ways.

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All-in-One Solution to Grow Your Business

Customization Service

Customization Service

We aim to lubricate your scheme in flexible ways. In such cases, all our equipment can be customized in details for your business needs. Suitable for building a VR franchise business.

VR Theme Park

VR Theme Park

Except for a single machine, you can enjoy a one-stop business projects with us. Our consultants can help you expand and grow your business with a mini station and even a mega park.

What is 9D Virtual Reality?

9D Virtual Reality (VR) refers to an advanced level of immersive VR experiences that incorporate additional sensory elements beyond just visual and auditory stimulation. It combines the use of virtual reality headsets, motion trackers, and other devices to provide users with a more realistic and engaging virtual experience.

In 9D VR, users can often experience 360-degree panoramic views, realistic motion simulation, and even physical effects such as vibrations, wind, or water spraying. This multi-sensory approach aims to create a more immersive and interactive environment, enhancing the overall VR experience.

an astronaut flying in the space

Top 9 Films in 9D VR Cinema Theater

Besides, our theater boasts a diverse array of thematic experiences and multiple customizable films.
Thus we ensure a unique adventure for every viewer.

High-Speed Flying And Riding

These VR games immerse users in gravity-defying adventures, appealing to thrill-seekers of fast-paced action and futuristic excitement.

Jetpack Adventures
Paradise Coaster 2
Crazy Ride
Phantom House
Abandoned Ice Factory

Mysterious Mansion And Adventure

These VR games promise a spine-tingling experience, ideal for those who love solving puzzles and facing eerie challenges.

Safari Expedition And Ocean Exploration

These VR games offer a realistic adventure, captivating those who crave the wonders of wildlife and the mysteries of the deep sea.

Get Lost in Deep-Sea
Prehistoric Adventure