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Movie-Power at the 7th Asia VR & AR Exposition

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[Successful Closing]

Movie Power VR products ignited the atmosphere at the 7th Asia VR & AR Exposition, and the beloved devices instantly go viral all over the world!

From May 10th to 12th, Movie Power started the ignition mode at the 7th Asia VR & AR exposition. The Mecha, shiny, and cool appearance of our devices quickly ignited the popularity. Every device is surrounded by a large crowd of audience.

Now, let me take you to the highlight moments of this exhibition

[VR Super Armor] Domineering appearance detonates the exhibition hall

Each wave of customers is overflowing with satisfied and excited smiles after the experience: “This is the best VR product I’ve ever experienced, this product is really fantastic”, some even can’t wait to pick up the phone to call their partners to come over to experience, even though the long queue can’t stop the enthusiastic expectation, the long queue never stops ……

[VR Space Ride] Go viral all over the world!

The media and foreign friends were also attracted to experience this product, and they all raised their thumbs up after experiencing the product: “Great, excellent!“ And then rushed to interview and report. The Movie-Power booth became the most popular one at the fair.

[Award-Winning Moment]

Witness of glory. Demonstration of the hard-core product strength.

The award ceremony was held by the organizer and industry authority for thousands of people.

Movie Power, as a national high-end technology, specialized, and special new enterprise, has struck for a full series of rewards.

We’ve won the Metaverse VR/AR/MR/XR Leading Enterprise Award; the Digital Cultural Tourism Leading Enterprise Award; the Metaverse VR/AR/MR/XR Excellent Hardware Award; the Metaverse Interactive Technology Award; and the Metaverse Industrial Application 5 major awards.

These are the absolute power of craftsmanship of our brand.

Accomplishing our customers is what we have been striving for.

Thanks to all the new and old customers who arrived at the site.

Thanks to the new and old customers who signed up on-site.

Thanks to all the players’ love and enthusiasm for Movie Power products.

Your support is the driving force for our continuous innovation. We will, as always, be full of spirit to create more and more exciting VR products, making sure people can enjoy the immersive experience.

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