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Difference Between VR 360 Chair And VR Motion Chair

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Virtual reality (VR) technology has taken the world by storm, revolutionizing the way we experience entertainment and immersive simulations.

In this article, we will delve into the differences between two popular VR Egg Chair options: the VR 360 Chair and the VR Motion Chair. Both chairs offer unique features and functionalities, providing different gamified experiences.

Understanding the distinctions between these two chairs will help you make informed decisions about which one suits their needs and preferences best.

What Is VR 360 Chair?

The VR 360° Chair offers a full 360-degree rotation capability, enabling users to turn and twist in any direction within the virtual environment.

It serves as a physical extension of the virtual world, providing 1-2 VR game players with a realistic sense of movement and freedom.

Typically, this chair includes vertical rotation and horizontal rotation.

Vertical 360 Rotation

Vertical option refers to the ability of the chair to tilt or rotate up and down, allowing the players to experience movements in different directions.

This enhances the immersive feeling of being in a virtual environment where actions may occur above or below the user’s eye level.

VR 360° Rotation Chair

Horizontal 360 Rotation

The horizontal option, on the other hand, involves the chair’s ability to spin or rotate from side to side (within 180 degrees) horizontally.

This allows players to turn around and face different directions within the virtual space, providing a more realistic and interactive experience.

VR space time shuttle simulator

Pros And Cons of VR 360 Chair

360-degree whole-body rotationOnly 1-2 players available at a time
The realistic sensation of vertical and horizontal movementHard to customize to more seats and styles
Enhanced gaming simulation and engagementOnly 1-2 players are available at a time
Popular with young peopleHigh energy consumption
(Chart about the pros and cons of VR 360 Chair)

What Is VR Motion Chair?

This VR Motion Simulator Chair is equipped with motors and actuators that synchronize movements with the virtual environment, replicating the sensations of acceleration, deceleration, and vibrations.

It aims to provide more than a dozen VR players with lifelike play from up and down or from side to side simultaneously.

With Movie Power’s design, this chair with a crank and electric cylinder involves a combination of manual and motorized mechanisms for providing motion feedback in virtual reality experiences.


Purpose: When VR players turn the crank, this input will be translated into motion within the virtual environment. The crank mechanism may be manually operated and serves to provide a physical feedback element to the user.

Functionality: The crank mechanism could simulate actions like opening a door, turning a wheel, or any other activity requiring rotational input.

Electric Cylinder

Purpose: The electric cylinder is likely used for automated and controlled motion within the chair.

Functionality: The electric cylinder can produce linear or rotational movements, controlled electronically. This can simulate a variety of motions such as acceleration, deceleration, vibrations, or specific gestures based on the virtual scenario.

Pros and Cons of VR Motion Chair

Can be customized to more seats and styles3+ seats may require larger space
Suitable for all agesProlonged usage might cause discomfort
Popular with families or teamsNot perfect for all games, like Roller Coaster
High accuracy and responsivenessWithout 360° rotating experience
(Chart about the advantages and disadvantages of VR Motion Chair)

What Are the Differences: VR 360 Chair vs. VR Motion Chair

While the two VR Egg machines aim to offer heightened immersion in VR experiences, there are some fundamental differences.

CategoriesVR 360° ChairVR Motion Chair
Dynamic Effect360-degree rotating platform3-axis dynamic platform
Player AvailableNo more than 21/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 6/ 8/ 12/ 16/ 24
Seat Belt6-PointStandard
ConsoleNoYes, 3 options available
Customized OptionsNoYes
Use CasesSuited for panoramic views, like roller coaster gamesVersatile for VR content, like shooting games
(Chart about the difference between VR 360 Chair and VR Motion Chair)

However, the key distinctions lie in the way these chairs achieve immersion, the way to engage, and the game application.

Immersion Level

The VR 360 Rotation Chair primarily focuses on providing a wide range of rotational movements, allowing VR players to physically turn in vertical and horizontal angles.

While the Motion VR Chair, normally also called VR two-seater Egg Chair, utilizes motors and actuators to generate physical turning and shaking.

User Engagement

The 360-view chair mainly focuses on visual exploration, allowing players to observe and navigate any inch of the virtual world.

In contrast, the latter enables VR players to physically duck, dodge, or lean into actions, adding a whole new level of engagement.

Game Application

The VR 360-degree chair is ideal for passive experiences, such as watching 360-degree videos or exploring virtual environments. They are designed for interactive experiences, such as flight and driving simulations, and virtual roller coasters. These chairs are specifically tailored to engage users in dynamic and adrenaline-pumping scenarios.

On the other hand, VR motion chairs are well-suited for shooting games, virtual tourism, immersive storytelling, and architectural walkthroughs.

Which is Better?

Determining which chair is better depends on personal preference and the intended use.

If an individual seeks a more visually immersive experience and values the freedom to explore the virtual world through rotational movements, the VR 360 Chair would be the ideal choice.

However, if someone desires a more physical and sensory immersion, with the ability to feel accelerations and decelerations closely tied to the virtual content, the VR Motion Chair would be the preferred option.


In conclusion, both 9D Virtual Reality Egg Machines offer unique ways to enhance the virtual reality experience. The selection between the two ultimately depends on individual preferences, available space, and budget.

Regardless of the choice, Movie Power, the VR egg chair factory, brings your customers one step closer to truly immersive and unforgettable gaming experiences.

So, whether you opt for the rotational freedom of the VR 360 Rotating Chair or the physical sensations provided by the best VR Motion Chair, get ready to be transported to new realities like never before.

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