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Customization Service

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VR Theme Park

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Types of Virtual Reality

What are the 3 types of virtual reality?
a man playing the vr game

Non-immersive VR

Also known as desktop VR or screen-based VR, this type of VR involves using a computer screen or a mobile device to experience virtual reality. Users interact with the virtual environment through a 2D display, usually with the help of a keyboard, mouse, or game controller.

a man wearing the vr headset

Semi-immersive VR

This type of VR usually involves using a head-mounted display (HMD) that covers the user’s eyes and blocks their peripheral vision. Users can move their heads to look around in the virtual environment, creating a more immersive experience. However, they are usually limited in terms of physical movement within the virtual space.

Fully Immersive VR

This is the most immersive type of VR experience. It typically involves using a head-mounted display (HMD) along with motion tracking sensors or cameras to track the user’s body movements and replicate them in the virtual environment. This allows users to physically move within the virtual space, enhancing the feeling of being present in a different world.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?
CriteriaAugmented Reality (AR)Virtual Reality (VR)
EnvironmentReal-world merged with virtual elementsCompletely virtual environment
InteractionOverlays virtual content on real worldImmersive interaction with virtual environment
Use of Real WorldRelies on real-world surroundingsCreates a simulated world
TransparencyPartially transparentFully immersive and block out real world
ExamplesPokémon Go, Snapchat filtersOculus Rift, HTC Vive


1. What is a virtual reality arcade?

A virtual reality arcade is a facility or establishment that provides virtual reality experiences to customers for a fee. It typically offers a range of VR games, simulations, or experiences using high-end VR equipment and immersive setups.

2. How to start a VR arcade business?

To start a VR arcade business, you need to follow some key steps:

1. Research and develop a business plan.
2. Secure funding for your business.
3. Select a suitable location for your arcade.
4. Acquire necessary VR hardware and software.
5. Set up the VR equipment and create engaging experiences.
6. Develop a marketing and promotional strategy to attract customers.
7. Provide exceptional customer service and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

3. Are VR arcade machines a good investment?

Yes. Consider starting a vr arcade machines if you seek a profitable ready-to-go venture. The VR industry, projected to surge from approximately six billion dollars in 2021 to over 120 billion dollars by 2026 according to Goldman Sachs, offers substantial growth potential.

4. What are the most important benefits of using virtual reality?

Virtual reality provides users with immersive experiences, enhanced learning opportunities, captivating entertainment, virtual travel options, therapeutic applications, and improved design and visualization capabilities.

a man sitting in the vr arcade machine