How 9D Virtual Reality Works?

the structure of 5D cinema

Movie Power applies the 9D cinema machine to create sensory spectacles, going through snow, wind, water, bubbles, and other dynamic environments. From heart-racing adventures to enchanting landscapes, we have 8 series of cinema themes. Each of them features:

  • Visual realism
  • Motion simulation
  • Spatial audio
  • Haptic feedback
  • Environmental effects
  • Interactive elements

Top 9 Films in 9D VR Cinema Theater

Besides, our theater boasts a diverse array of thematic experiences and multiple customizable films.
Thus we ensure a unique adventure for every viewer.

High-Speed Flying And Riding

These VR games immerse users in gravity-defying adventures, appealing to thrill-seekers of fast-paced action and futuristic excitement.

Jetpack Adventures
Paradise Coaster 2
Crazy Ride
Phantom House
Abandoned Ice Factory

Mysterious Mansion And Adventure

These VR games promise a spine-tingling experience, ideal for those who love solving puzzles and facing eerie challenges.

Safari Expedition And Ocean Exploration

These VR games offer a realistic adventure, captivating those who crave the wonders of wildlife and the mysteries of the deep sea.

Get Lost in Deep-Sea
Prehistoric Adventure