Two Types of 9D VR Egg Chair

VR 360° Chair vs. VR Motion Chair

ProductVR 360° Rotation ChairVR 360° Rotation ChairVR Motion ChairVR Motion Chair
Dynamic Effect360-degree rotating platform3-axis dynamic platform
Player Available12-4
Seat BeltStandard6-Point
ConsoleNoYes, 3 options available
Application ScopeEntertainment-focusedSuitable for gaming, training, etc.
Use CasesSuited for panoramic viewsVersatile for diverse VR content

A 360-degree VR chair is a 9D-motion seating device designed for virtual reality experiences, allowing users to rotate in all directions to enhance immersion. It complements VR content by providing a more dynamic and interactive environment.

This virtual reality egg chair (with ±180° rotation) in Movie Power challenges the limit of vision somatosensory, bringing players to a wild drive through a trackless 360° 10-loop roller coaster.