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Movie Power Makes An Appearance at the 2023 Greater Bay Area Fair for Trade in Services!

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The Trade Fair led the grand opening in Zhuhai on 6th December, marking a groundbreaking initiative that a fair was held simultaneously in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau. The fair aimed to showcase cutting-edge products, technologies, and solutions in various fields such as digital trade, artificial intelligence, cross-border e-commerce, and smart consumption. These efforts have injected momentum into the innovative development of trade in services in the Greater Bay Area.

2023 Greater Bay Area Fair for Trade in Services
Image Source: 2023 Greater Bay Area Fair for Trade in Services

Featured with “National Cultural Export Base”, Panyu District in Guangzhou showed local jewelry, lighting and audio equipment, and animated entertainment. This display was designed to highlight the positive impression of our cultural export base while further demonstrating its role as a model and catalyst for development. The animated entertainment industry in Panyu was a significant player in the Trade Fair. Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co., Ltd. was honored to represent this sector at the exhibition in Zhuhai.

Movie Power Exhibition
Image Content: Movie Power Exhibition

We displayed our thrilling 360° VR Space Coaster and VR Space Theater. The latter is a multiplayer device that allows some users to embark on an immersive journey at the same time. It features 60+ VR experiences including space, ocean, exploration, shooting simulations, and so on, which captures exhibitors to watch and queue for the experience and compete for media interviews.

Exhibitor in Line for the VR Experience
Image Content: Exhibitor in Line for the VR Experience
Media Interviews
Image Content: Media Interviews

Movie Power is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and application of VR and 4D motion-sensing technology. From “Made in Panyu” to “Made with Wisdom”, we rely on robust independent research capabilities and make considerable progress in sci-tech innovation. In this way, we successfully integrate virtual and real experiences in the field of VR.

Movie Power Factory
Image Content: Movie Power Factory

Looking ahead, Movie Power is committed to keeping learning and innovating, and leveraging our role as a leading cultural exporter to make contributions on “Made with Wise.”

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