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VR Arcade: Best Solution for Entertainment

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Virtual Reality technology (VR) is a new technology developed in the 1990s with computer technology as the core. Through the combination of computer graphics technology, multimedia technology, sensing technology, real-time technology, artificial intelligence, simulation technology, etc, participants are placed in a three-dimensional virtual environment integrating vision, hearing, touch and taste. With the help of special input and output devices, they interact with objects in the virtual world in a natural way to generate a sense of immersion. Under the background of scientific and technological innovation, virtual reality technology has spread in various fields, especially for entertainment——Virtual Reality gaming arcades.

What is VR Arcade Gaming

man using VR headset

Source: Unplash

VR arcade gaming has opened up a new era of gaming experience for players. Just like traditional digital games, VR arcade games have various types for players to choose from, such as adventure, intelligence, leisure, racing, etc. In terms of content production and level setting, they are also reasonable. VR provides rich visual effects and means of spatial expression for games. Its two characteristics of interaction and fidelity significantly improve the content quality of games, laying a foundation for the development of VR arcade games and providing players with deeper entertainment experience.


The interactive nature of virtual reality arcade games enables users to directly manipulate virtual objects in the virtual environment of VR games and get real-time feedback from the virtual environment. For example, when users roam in the virtual environment of VR games, they can grab objects in the virtual environment with their virtual hands to obtain realistic experience of objects. Of course, such an operation requires professional equipment to complete. VR game application devices include hardware headsets, joysticks and so on.

According to the virtual scene displayed in the hardware helmet, users can use the joystick to simulate the relevant operations of the characters in the scene, which can improve the degree of interaction between users and the machine and make the whole game experience more realistic.


Different from traditional games, virtual scenes in virtual reality gaming arcade are basically equal ratio restoration, and users can enjoy the relevant content in the virtual environment more realistically during the experience process. VR games need to simulate the real world on the same scale, while maintaining very high transmission frames and 3D surround sound to guarantee the experience, thus creating a sense of being there for the customer. A high level of performance game requires the appropriate level of ancillary facilities, the computer must be equipped with a high level of graphics, running content, compatibility. The cost of investing in such infrastructure is also a factor limiting the further development of VR games.

In addition,VR games also have limitations. For some manipulative games, such as Dota series, such games are mainly competitive and operable, and ordinary people cannot make such operations in VR games. Therefore, it will be very difficult for players who are used to playing games with keyboard and mouse to switch to VR games.

Why is VR Arcade Gaming Gaining Popularity?

a couple using VR headset

Source: Pexels

There is no doubt that VR arcade gaming‘s got growing popularity in recent years. More and more people get to try it and love it. Then why is VR arcade gaming gaining popularity?

The immersive feature of virtual reality technology is one of the key points of its popularity. Immersion refers to the presence of the user as the protagonist in a VR game. The virtual environment in the game is very realistic, allowing the user to fully participate in the virtual environment. In VR games, users can get various sensory effects, such as sight, hearing, touch, force, motion perception, etc. Compared with traditional game experience, the emergence of virtual reality gaming arcades can provide users with more realistic “first perspective” and “multiple perspectives”. Just like 3D movies, users can automatically switch perspectives in games, so that people can get similar perceptual experiences in the virtual world with the real world.

Moreover, immersion in VR arcade games allows users to focus on the current game situation and is not easy to be disturbed by the outside world. Users will bring themselves into the role of the game, which can stimulate enthusiasm for the game. Games provide people with a sense of satisfaction and control, and online games are seen as a new way to experience life in the future. In VR games, the key to the user’s feeling of being the main character and having a sense of immersion is the user’s ability to actively control the virtual environment. In VR arcade games, not only does the user control the game, but the game also affects the way the user thinks and acts. Game is the mainstream branch of virtual reality art. Virtual reality technology plays a key role in promoting the development of games. It breaks the boundary between real and virtual, expands the category of games, improves the operability of games, and brings a better game experience to people.

People’s Favourite Games for VR Arcade

A couple playing VR shooting game

Source: Baidu

As is mentioned above, VR arcade games have various types for players to choose from, such as adventure, intelligence, leisure, racing, etc. Among these various kinds of games, there is no doubt that VR shooting is one of the most favorite ones for players.

VR Shooting Range

sniper elite game

Source: Sougo

Today,I will introduce 5 popular VR shooting games to you. Most VR games may not be in Chinese.

Into the Radius VR

Game platform: computer VR games, Meta Quest games

Within the radius is a VR survival shooter. Explore the Pehosk region, full of surreal landscapes and dangerous anomalies. Protect yourself with real guns, retrieve strange artifacts, loot, and uncover the secrets of this unforgiving dystopian environment.

Sniper Elite VR

Game platform: Meta Quest

Grab your rifle, gaze into the scope, and take aim at this stealth-action first-person shooter made for VR. Featuring explosive campaigns, stunning immersion, authentic weapons, and iconic gunfights from the award-winning Sniper Elite series.

Warhammer 40k: Battle Sister VR

Game platform: computer VR games, Meta Quest games

Join the fray for the ultimate experience of immersive future combat. This shooter provides you with an array of super-powerful weapons and abilities that you can use to defeat enemies. Delve into a dynamic, captivating story of the galaxy and battle the chaotic forces that threaten the future of humanity.

Gun Club VR 

Game platform: computer VR games, Meta Quest games

Have the most powerful Arsenal in the world in Gun Club VR. The combination of crisp gameplay and unparalleled realism makes Gun Club VR the ultimate virtual weapon simulator. The only thing missing is the smell of gunpowder.


Game platform: computer VR games, Meta Quest games

Contractors is a competitive multiplayer shooter game for virtual reality devices. Experience the future of virtual warfare with lethal weapons, customizable weapons, and intense firefights.

Cautions for VR Gaming

man playing with VR headset

Source: Pexels

Virtual reality (VR) narrows the distance between virtual and reality, bringing people a more real visual feast. This is supposed to be a benefit of high technology, but some people are not happy to enjoy it, because when they experience these virtual scenes, such as playing VR arcade games, they will feel sick, seasick, and sometimes even vomit. What’s going on here?


When you’re in the VR arcade, your eyes think you are always moving, but your body’s receptors think you’re staying in the same place. When these conflicting messages are sent to your brain, it protects you by giving vertigo orders for your body to stop, and nausea orders for you to spit out toxic substances, which is why you get vertigo and nausea when you’re fine.

In addition, when you enter a virtual scene wearing a virtual reality device, it is easy to feel dizzy and nauseous due to the delay of the picture, rotating stairs, and cliff scenes.

Knock Over Expensive Equipment

man playing with VR headset

Source: Pexels

When you’re playing VR arcade games, you’re so immersed in the game that you don’t see anything around reality. As a result, you are likely to knock over something expensive at any time, because you are likely to be surrounded by expensive equipment. VR devices also need to be connected to high-end computers or game consoles, as well as surrounding TVS and displays. With one careless mistake, you’ll break uo all this expensive equipment.

Key Takeaway

woman playing with VR headset

Source: Pixabay

Compared with traditional games, VR arcade games have many unique advantages, and it is a new game field with high growth space. Moreover, due to the high entry barrier of VR games, the competition in the VR arcade game market is further reduced. It can be said that the VR gaming market is promising. However, due to the imperfect VR game market, the overall development of VR games has been affected. Hence, we must take some measures to improve it.

1. Improve the game experience of VR game players

User experience is the top priority for the entire gaming industry. At present, the main reason affecting VR users’ game experience is dizziness and vomiting. To solve this problem, real-time tracking technology should be perfected to synchronize the game images received by the brain with the body’s response.

2. Enrich the VR game ecosystem

The healthy and sustainable development of VR games cannot be separated from the construction of VR game ecology. In order to strengthen the construction of VR game ecology, both soft and hard measures should be adopted. Two aspects should be taken: on the one hand, VR hardware equipment manufacturers should strengthen technology research and development to provide a good game operating environment for VR games; On the other hand, resources of all parties should be utilized to develop high-quality VR games, attract users with high-quality game resources, and finally achieve the goal of improving VR game ecology.

3. Reduce gaming costs for VR players

At present, the mainstream VR devices in the market alone cost more than 4,000 yuan. The high cost of games makes many potential users prohibitive, which is not conducive to the popularity of VR games. In order for VR games to benefit the general public, it is necessary to reduce the cost of VR game players and promote the large-scale application of VR games.

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