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  • Shooting Series
  • Driving Series
  • Interactive Series
  • Children Series
  • Aerospace
  • VR super agent

    Performance upgradation

    DC brushless motor, instant feedback without any delay!

    Realistic Simulation

    1:1 real simulation of shootout shuttle, thrilling and exciting with real guns and bullets.

  • VR Space Genie

    HTC Free-Roaming

    Explore the virtual world in limited space infinitely with endless challenges!

    Immersive feeling

    HTC VIVE high-definition helmet, beautiful picture quality without dizziness, truly immersive!

  • VR X-Spy

    Venue repurchase

    Honor challenge, increase stickiness, guaranteed repurchase

    New ways of VR

    An exclusive copyrighted game developed by Movie Power, which is different from the popular VR games on the market

  • AR Sniper

    Online, competitive multi-player interaction

    Support single, double and multiplayer operations

    As many as 12 scenes to play with

    Mountains, seas, factories... choose your battlefields, your lands to conquer!

  • VR Infinite Battle

    Two players working together

    Online battle PK, improve the competitiveness and confrontation of VR games, enhance the stickiness of players. It can use to hold events and gather the popularity.

    Create a consumer atmosphere

    Dual super-large screen TV live competitive games, onlookers can also feel the same.

  • VR Infinite War

    Double camp against shooting

    VR Infinite War is the choice of military enthusiasts, suitable for different shooting game events or party activities;

    Asymmetric VR E-Sport

    The theme of the game is “Guarding the Last Pure Land of Mankind”, supporting 4 players to cooperate in combat!

  • VR Storm Battlefield

    Battle arena

    VR Storm Battlefield is a two-player interactive shooting game machine, with multiple classic storm games, supporting competitive and coordinated combat on the same stage.

    Easy to catch eyes

    The 55-inch synchronous display will broadcast live game, quickly gathering popularity, and the theme of war is deeply loved by many countries in Europe, America and the Middle East.

  • VR Doomsday Survival

    Fully immersive multiplayer interaction

    VR Doomsday Survival is a semi-closed design, shooting game product with simulation force feedback guns;

    Strong sense of game character substitution

    Vibrating floor makes the game more tense;

  • VR Gatling

    Heavy gun design

    "Reload and start to fight heroically" makes it stand out in many stand-alone shooting games;

    Black and cool color

    The horror, exciting scenes of the game, attracting players who like shooting games to challenge many times;

  • VR Super Hero

    Unlimited exploration space

    Walk freely in a certain space, realize unlimited exploration in the virtual world, and become your own battlefield.

    HTC VIVE HD headset

    Immersive integration into the characters is like being on the scene, and the two worlds of virtual and reality are perfectly integrated, making you feel like you are on the real battlefield.

  • VR War Machine

    Manipulate mecha into battle

    VR War Machine, equipped with a dynamic Gatling heavy machine gun. You can defeat an army by this powerful war machine.

    360° rotating combat

    The appearance is more military and scientific and technological, and is deeply popular by many countries in Europe, America and the Middle East;

  • AR Sniper Elite

    Realistic shooting simulator

    To become a hunter then fighting like a real sniper, the scene designed by Golden Triangle Mekong River anti-terrorism, the hot cake product on site.

    AR game scene design, no need VR glasses

    9 pcs sniper AR real-sensing shooting games, no VR glasses are required, and there is no strict requirement to players.

  • Sky Ride

    Realistic Simulation

    1:1 restore the real shocking shuttle scene

    Visual Sound Effects

    4K HD VR image quality + 360° palace-level sound effects

  • VR Space Racing

    Brand new "VR" racing gameplay

    Equipped with exclusive game racing content, support multiplayer online online battle

    Racing multiplayer racing

    360-degree virtual experience takes you through space, volcanoes, and deserts

  • Overtake VR

    Support 4 Players Online

    It Supports 4 Simultaneous Local Online Battles in a Single Store to Simulate a Real Racing Game

    High Profits

    Money Maker,in the Venue for up to 9 Hours of Continuous Queuing,Great Popular by Racing Fans

  • VR Star Warship

    A Warhawk flying in the blue sky

    Space warship is a land air amphibious VR experience product which can simulate 360 degree rotation and flight driving operation at the same time;

    New immersive experience

    The brand-new experience mode can experience the stimulation of killing enemy aircraft in air combat and the scream like a roller coaster outside at the same time;

  • VR Motor

    Forza Motorsport

    One of the most popular online celebrity VR products , it was born for extreme racing enthusiasts;

    Stylish and cool appearance

    Simple and stylish appearance, full of futuristic, three colors of red, white and black to meet the preferences of players in different countries;

  • VR 360° Flight Simulator

    360° rotation experience

    360 VR flight simulator is a highly stimulating VR product that simulates a 360-degree rotating roller coaster;

    Catch client eyes

    Internet celebrity products suitable for gathering popularity in indoor parks, shopping malls, and VR game centers;

  • VR Flight Simulator

    Special Flying Experience

    The immersive VR experience of flight simulation is newly created by Movie Power, allowing players to realize the dream of flying.

    Shooting and Flying Entertainment

    Equipped with automatic lifting, shooting, self-control flight through the handle, and equipped with special effects such as blowing.

  • VR Super Racing

    Full simulation driving

    The pinnacle of VR somatosensory racing, truly restore the racing experience, feel the speed and passion;

    Multiplayer online competition

    Support multiplayer online competition, competitive ranking, more interactive and entertaining, and high user stickiness;

  • 6 Dof 3 Screen Racing

    3 screen 6 dof dynamic racing

    Movie Power newly designed 3 screen 6dof racing machine allows racers to challenge the "interpretation of the road we have not traveled".

    130° visual coverage

    The 42-inch HD display screen simultaneously displays the real picture of the game and appreciates the sense of presence in the middle of the track.

  • VR Super Armor

    Appearance upgrade

    Gundam mechanical aesthetic design, colorful and beautiful.

    Technology upgrade

    6-axis dynamic simulation, servo motor accuracy up to 1um precision, 0 delay.

  • VR Ghostly Bus

    VR scary red bus

    Inspired by the Hong Kong movie "Ghostly Bus", 1:1 scene to truly restore the bus horror theme, and turn on the experience journey of "Ghostly Bus"  .

    New immersive experience

    Take the "customized VR helmet" and get into the virtual ghostly world.

  • VR Space Theater

    Brand New thematic VR

    VR Space Theater, the newly designed thematic VR by Movie Power, integrates the sense of technology into the public entertainment

    Customizable scene style

    Custom themes can be matched according to different business scenarios, such as ocean/roller coaster/science fiction, etc.

  • VR Starship

    Cool, novel and trendy

    VR Starship, cool in dark tones, more technological

    Six-axis full-time drive platform

    Dynamic amplitude stimulation, combined with a variety of special effects such as blowing, leg sweeping, and hip vibration, is more popular with young people;

  • VR Beat Hero

    Battle VR music game

    VR Beat hero is a new adaptation based on the world's best-selling game BEAT SABER;

    New VR gameplay mod

    Transform into a music warrior holding a double sword on the dance floor to cut notes one by one according to the rhythm of the music;

  • VR Shark

    Fresh theme design

    Designed based on shark inspiration, attractive to all age;

    Stronger immersion

    Include ear wind, air blow, leg sweep, back shock and shooting special effects, bring players more immersive experience;

  • VR Slide

    Brand new VR slide experience

    Challenge the thrill and excitement from 300 meters high, dive down at 100 miles per hour;

    Super real immersion

    Glide, dive and other motion simulation effects bring players extraordinary entertainment enjoyment;

  • VR Horse Riding

    Simulated horse riding

    Galloping and fighting on horseback, shuttling through exciting scenes, and exercising while playing.

    Simulated Dynamic Saddle

    Using a simulated saddle, realistic experience; three shift speed adjustable, player can adjust the speed by themselves.

  • VR Two

    King Kong theme design

    The classic of an immersive experience, it is like the King Kong who travels through time and space;

    Stimulating immersive experience

    nclude ear wind, air blow, leg sweep, back shock and shooting special effects, bring players more immersive experience;

  • VR 3Q

    High area-effectiveness

    Support 3 players, suit for all ages, is one of the most popular profitable products in the market;

    Classic product of immersive experience

    Dynamic control technology is the specialty of Movie power, VR3Q movements are precise and delicate, bring players an immersive experience;

  • VR Magic Space-time

    HTC roaming space

    The limited space enables unlimited exploration in the virtual world, the challenges are endless.

    Magic Space world

    Players can move freely and snipe in a certain space, perfectly show the competitive strength, let them immerse in different time and space.

  • VR Family

    6 Seats VR Family funfair

    Supporting 6 people to experience at the same time, sharing with parents and children, suit for all ages. It's the most popular VR product with high-repurchase on the market.

    Six-axis full-time drive

    The dynamic amplitude stimulation, combined with various special effects such as blowing, leg sweeping, and hip vibration, more popular with young people.

  • VR 02

    Classic and hot sell VR simulator

    As the classic VR model, the simple egg chair design is very popular in global markets.

    360° immersive experience

    Built-in ear wind, leg sweep, hip vibration, back vibration, shooting and other functions, let players immerse in the virtual world.

  • AR Tennis Park

    Interactive somatosensory fitness game

    Combine traditional tennis sports with advanced 3D digital technology to bring customers an immersive tennis training experience;

    New Sport System

    Through simulation technology such as scene simulation, character simulation, ball return trajectory calculation, etc., which makes simulated tennis that can also be played indoors;

  • Baby VR

    Children Puzzle Entertainment

    The brand new concept of children's educational and entertainment integrated equipment, can develop children's imagination and inspire children's creativity.

    Kid VR Glasses

    Hand-help design, easy operation, anti-blue light design protect children’s eyes.

  • VR Kids Racing

    Childlike karting design

    Childlike karting design, adjustable seats, suitable for children of different ages.

    Let’s be the child racer

    Support 4 children to compete with each other with ranking. Children also can be a racer.

  • Children Painting

    Paint a dream

    Give play to your creativity in the form of paintings and give life to the screen. Children can interact with the characters created on the screen.

    Painting fish

    Actively control the direction and speed of small fish swimming through interactive and entertaining gameplay, explore marine treasures, and obtain food and medicine.

  • Ground Projection

    Multiple people interacting at the same time

    Virtual and real interactive experience, vivid and rich colors can attract children to participate actively with the strong interaction.

    No Space limited

    The interactive projection area can be adjusted according to the site size and requirement.

  • Happy Croquet

    Interactive projection balling game

    Combining traditional ball pool playground with interactive projection games, it is more popular and more profitable, bring new blood for the Soft Playground.

    Multiplayer interaction

    Children can participate in game interaction by throwing the ball at moving targets such as monsters, balloons, and hamsters in the large-screen.

  • AR Sand Table

    AR augmented reality technology

    Through the combination of AR augmented reality technology and traditional sand table, different volcano, river and season natural environment changes all can be shown;

    DIY your own world

    Cultivate children's creativity and teamwork ability through the interactive experience of AR edutainment.

  • Ark Spaceship

    Spaceship design

    The exterior design is unique, covering all ages consumers, and can be integrated into various different themed projects.

    5 special effects functions bring shining point to the experience

    Built-in ear wind, face blowing, leg sweeping, back vibration and shooting, etc special effects functions bring the experience with more immersive feeling.

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