VR Horse Riding Simulator

Immersive experience with horse back riding simulation and exquisite art scene as a role play of cowboy or General. Popular for countries with riding horse culture.

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Applicable for a wide range of places, such as arcade, museum, theme park, etc.

vr horse riding simulator

VR Horse

Novel experience for those never riding horse and allow doing exercise while playing. Except from simply simulating horse riding, interactive shooting games are also available to provide extra fun. The saddle design with 3 levels of speed, players can adjust based on their proficiency. It is a sleek design that only needs simple maintenance with little management costs.

Numerous Immersive Games

Horse riding simulation games in various theme for you, such as ancient war and western world.

Knights Templar

Restdent Evil Night

Warring States

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Favored for exploring fun & exciting experience, countless players enjoy the simulator and leave a deep impression.

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Customization Service

We aim to lubricate your scheme in flexible ways. In such cases, all our equipment can be customized in details for your business needs. Suitable for building a VR franchise business.

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VR Theme Park

Except for a single machine, you can enjoy a one-stop business projects with us. Our consultants can help you expand and grow your business with a mini station and even a mega park.