AR Sniper

AR Sniper

  1. Naked Eye VR technology
  2. Online sport
  3. Multi-skill sniper technique
  4. Anti-terrorist gunfight
  5. Real-life shooting experience
  6. Scene 12, any cut

Business guidelines

  • Covering an area of 3.8 square meters, it is suitable for indoor parks, shopping malls, video game park, science and Technology Museum, VR experience hall projects;
  • There are 12 game levels in total, suitable for preferred shooting game players;
  • The combination of VR and arcade can support 4-player online games, bringing super high revenue.
--Product experience--
Naked Eye VR technology、Online sport、Multi-skill sniper technique、Anti-terrorist gunfight、Real-life shooting experience、Scene 12, any cut

65 inch touch screen

Coin acceptor

Anti-seated force
sniper rifle

Adjustable liftung
dun frame,no
height limitation

--Technical parameters--
Product name AR Sniper
Voltage 220V
Power 1-1.5kw
Standby consumption 1kw/h
Working consumption 1.5kw/h
Size L2790mm x W2480mm x H2390mm
Weight 300kg
Max load Ground Load
Player 4 Player
VR Helmet None
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