VR Space Genie

VR Space Genie

  1. "Traffic products" for all ages
  2. Genie Design
  3. Rich Content
  4. Unattended System

Business guidelines

  • Limited space to achieve unlimited exploration in the virtual world! The challenges is endless, the excitement never stops, and the experience is never the same;
  • Popular and universal game content, easy to operate, funny, suitable for player of various ages, ensuring Strong Continued Earnings;
  • More immersive experience with high repeat consumption.
--Product experience--
"Traffic products" for all ages、Genie Design、Rich Content、Unattended System


2.1 Audio System

Inverter LED lights

55-inch high-definition display

4 rounds

--Technical parameters--
Product name VR Space Genie
Voltage 220V
Power 1.0-1.5kw
Standby consumption 1.0kw/h
Working consumption 1.5kw/h
Size L1180mm x W1090mm x H2300mm
Maximum Weight 180kg
Player 1 Player
How to start Button selection
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