VR X-Spy

VR X-Spy

  1. Wear-free VR experience
  2. Liftable head display
  3. VR helmet and gun integration
  4. Voice prompt self-service
  5. Small footprint
  6. 5 shows in 1 hour

Business guidelines

  • Covering an area of 3.5 square meters, it is suitable for indoor parks, shopping malls, video game park, science and Technology Museum, VR experience hall projects;
  • 1 person/time, about 5-7 minutes a game, 5 games can be played in 1 hour;
  • VR helmet and gun integrated design, more realistic sense of presence.
--Product experience--
Wear-free VR experience、Liftable head display、VR helmet and gun integration、Voice prompt self-service

HP G2 helmet
and simulation
gun integrated

49-inch HD
big screen

lce blue
Breathing lamo

2.1 Audio System

Movable wheels

--Technical parameters--
Product name VR X-Spy
Voltage 220V
Power 1.5kw
Size L2100mm x W1520mm x H2350mm
Maximum Weight 200kg
Player 1 Player
Helmet Reberb G2+VR Gun
How to start Click the button
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