4D Ocean Cinema
Immerse the audience in a sea

The audience is wrapped in the scene of the ocean world, just like being in the ocean. When the images and lights slowly light up, the fantasy scene is in front of you; combined with the special effects of the 4D dynamic seat, it seems like you are in the underwater world.

--Product experience--
Immersive audio visual Enjoyment、Conch design dynamic seat、Environment effect simulation
--System frame structure diagram--
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4D Ocean Cinema

Colorful ocean-themed movies make watching movies more immersive.
The Conch-themed dynamic seat has special effects such as simulating water spray, air jet, lightning, and leg sweeping.
Special effects such as snow, rain, bubbles, lightning, smoke, etc., add points to the viewing experience.

--Ocean cinema case--
Consuming a large number of customers, high turnover per ride, suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, cultural tourism projects